Glass Doll Films Release Schedule

Australian newcomers Glass Doll Films have burst onto the scene with some really cool local releases of films like Eaten Alive, Dead Kids (reviewed here at The To Watch Pile a few weeks ago), The Centrefold Girls, Bonnie’s Kids and Christmas Evil all on bluray.

Monday 18th April 2016 will see another exciting release in store: cult classic Class of ’84… One of my personal favourites from the VHS age!

They have some amazing future releases as well: Ghoulies is coming out in July…

…and August will see a double threat release of Ghoulies II and Neon Maniacs!!

Cult movie fans will be stoked for those releases, and no doubt more amazing releases will be forthcoming!!

Glass Doll Films online store can be found at . Make sure you get behind another great local Australian company trying to make our DVD and bluray collections great! 

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