Brie Larson is Captain Marvel

Of everything that has come out of Comicon; Dr Strange trailer, Justice League preview, Wonder Woman trailer, this is the most exciting news for this little comics and movies fan.

Captain Marvel, the former Ms. Marvel, and  a favourite character of mine, has a star, and a cinematic logo:

After much speculation, the actress playing her will be Kong Island and Scott Pilgrim Vs the World’s Brie Larson!!

Captain Marvel was created as an effort by Marvel to diversify their character line up in the seventies when they started with several black characters such as Black Panther and Luke Cage, then Asian characters such as Shang Chi and then started with female versions of Captain Marvel (Ms. Marvel), the Hulk (She-Hulk) and Spider-Man (Spider-Woman). Ms. Marvel, after several name changes such as Bi art and Warbird, became Captain Marvel in the comics in 2012.

I am pretty excited about this as as a comic collector, my back issue hunts are usually for short run seventies books, and Ms. Marvel was one of those I loved from the period. 

I wish Brie Larson a lot of luck in her endeavour portraying the character. The movie has a projected 2019 release.

One thought on “Brie Larson is Captain Marvel

  1. I like Brie Larson a lot and this was pretty much a forgone conclusion. But I was in the very vocal contingent hoping it would go to VIKINGS ass-kicker Katheryn Winnick.

    She’s a life-long martial artist and experienced at action scenes, not to mention also may be the most beautiful woman on earth.

    One stumbling block for her may have been her age. She doesn’t look it in the slightest but she’s 38 years old (with Larson being 26) and with these Marvel contracts they want to tie their actors up for ten years.


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