I Was In The Paper!!

Mum was so proud! Due to my hoarding… I mean, ‘collecting’, a writer from the Sydney, NSW newspaper The Daily Telegraph tracked me to do a little cross-promotion with their kids comic collection thingy they did a few weeks ago.

Now I’d just like to clarify a few things:

1. Kirby is named after Jack Kirby, not James Kirby.

2. The first comic I bought were actually from Woolongong, Thirroull to be precise.

3. I don’t ACTUALLY believe you can see ‘real’ super heroes in New York.

4. Spider-Man doesn’t fly.

5. I have no idea what the ‘he is fascinated Kirby…’ sentence means. I am guessing the sentence to supposed to parley that Kirby’s interest in comics and stuff comes from My interest.

6. I was never beaten up for collecting comics.

What we did get though, was some awesome pictures of Kirby and I in front of some of my collection, as can be seen in a few of the TWP YouTubes. The photographer who took them was a total professional and heaps of fun.

Here’s some of those pics now:

Sorry for that self indulgent interlude, back to the reviews again real soon.

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