Ted V. Mikels R.I.P.

Seriously, 2016, what did we do to you?!

Low budget/ grindhouse director Ted V. Mikels has passed away on the 16th October 2016.

Probably not well known to your average cinema fan, Mikels, born in 1929 as Theodore Mikacevich, gave us such films as The Doll Squad, The Corpse Grinders and The Astro-Zombies.  Mikels worked on many aspects of his films, from director to writer to actor to cinematographer,and he started his career in filmmaking in 1963 and worked even to this year when he wrote and directed Ten Violent Women: Part Two, a sequel to his 1982 film Ten Violent Women.

Whilst his films may not necessarily been technically brilliant, they showed  a passion for the art form, which is far more impressive than any big-budget blockbuster that has just as much money spent on its advertising to make sure everyone gets their butts into cinemas.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Mikels.

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