Nerds of Oz: Week Ending 20th January 2017

Week Ending 20th January 2017
A couple of bargains crossed my palm this week, so I leapt on them ravenously!


Had a late night on Tuesday night doing stocktake at a shop about and hours drive away from my place, but when I got home at about midnight, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my small comic delivery had arrived.

READ! Justice League vs Suicide Squad #4 from DC Comics. Really the only way to describe what happens in this comic is: stuff just got real! Max Lord and his gang of villains finally go to battle against the JL and the SS, but here we find out what he is REALLY up to… Awesome story by Joshua Williamson and great art by Fernandez Pasarin and Matt Ryan.

READ! Red Sonya #1 from Dynamite Comics. Not sure where they are going with this one. Red Sonja is trapped in our time and is believed to be an escaped mental patient… not sure where it’s going, and I’m not sure if I’ll continue yet… I’ll give it one more issue. Written by Amy Chu with art by Carlos Gomez.

READ! Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme #4 from Marvel Comics. Written by Robbie Thompson with art by Javier Rodriguez, this comic goes from strength to strength as the Sorcerers now find a trailer in their midst, and we learn more about the totally cool character The Conjuror and how she became the sorcerer of her time, which is 50s America.

READ! X-men vs Inhumans #2 from Marvel Comics. Written by Jeff LeMire and Charles Soule, with art by Leinil Francis Yu, this comic takes place in the wake of Scott Summers, aka Cyclops’ death. It’s a traditional Marvel slugfest, but this time we have the now totally convoluted X-men (with two… count ’em TWO, beasts) against the Inhumans whose Terrigan mists are deadly to mutants. The worst part is Johnny ‘Human Torch’ Storm’s presence in the Inhumans, reminding me again that a Marvel Universe with no Fantastic Four is NO Marvel Universe at all.


I was a little behind on my partworks stuff and picked them up this week, so I have several issues of Marvel Fact Files, and…

Two issues of the Marvel Graphic Novel Collection, which has Part 2 of the Spider Island story, and the awesome Jack Kirby story starring Captain America and the Falcon called ‘Madbomb’.


Grabbed the latest issue (in Australian newsagency terms, which is about 6 weeks behind) of the Dark Side and Horrorhound, and also picked up a few 80s issues of Horrorfan and House of Horror, both now defunct.

DVDs and Blurays 

Got my hands on six blurays this week: Inferno (I love the other Dan Brown/ Robert Langdon movies and I look forward to watching this), two Jodorosky films, El Topo and Holy Mountain, a rape/ revenge flick called Girls Against Boys and two movies from Monster Pictures, Hellions and Worry Dolls.


Managed to get my hands on it quite cheaply, so I grabbed a bust of Aquaman from DC Collectables. I have a few others of these busts, and they are pretty cool, but I stopped collecting as there were just too many of them and I couldn’t keep up.

I also scored this cute Quantum Mechanics Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad figure.

While we are on the subject of Harley, also got this awesome Christmas Harley Black, White and Red based in Amanda Conner’s artwork, which is far superior to her writing.

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