Welcome to Zombruary!

Welcome to… ZOMBRUARY!!
20 years ago, if you’d asked anyone, of the non-genre loving persuasion, to name a few horror monster archetypes, they probably would have thrown about names like Dracula, Frankenstein, werewolves, Freddy, Jason… those sorts of things… but these days, ask anyone to name just one, and most will cry out this label.


Yes, those, by definition, who were formerly controlled by voodoo, but in the current vernacular, the undead who rise from their graves to feast on the living have become our favourites, and we celebrate them with hit TV shows, fantastic comic books, occasionally goofy movies, toys, games and even citywide, community driven Zombie Walks.

We here at the To Watch Pile have decided to celebrate our nec-romance with the living impaired by changing the name of the month of purification, February, to the month of putrification, Zombruary, and by producing only zombie movie reviews for the next four weeks.

So please, stick around: pull up a gravestone, take a seat and enjoy, starting tomorrow, Zombruary!

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