2 thoughts on “Top 5 Horror Movie Books

  1. I was very fortunate to get a copy of Tim Lucas’s MARIO BAVA: ALL THE COLOURS OF THE DARK when it was on sale for about $250. It’s now out of print and people are selling copies for many times what I paid for it.

    It’s the most beautiful book about anything I have ever seen. Just a staggering achievement.

    The most influential reference book I got was the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HORROR with the image of Karloff’s monster on the cover.

    My mother bought that for me when I was about 10 and it became my bible for many years.


    • I had that book and it was my bible too. The reason that didn’t make the list was the fact it stops at about 1984. It took me quite a while to really nut this list out and I wish I’d done a top ten as there are heaps of awesome books, like Jovanka Vucovich’s Zombie book or the Crystal Lake Memories book. I have Alexandra Wests Films of the New French Extremity on the way too, which I am excited about.


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