Galaxy of Terror (1981) Review

One from the re watch pile…
Galaxy of Terror (1981)

Galaxy of Terror DVD cover

Film: Talking about American cinema? Well at sometime you are talking about Roger Corman: writer, director, producer, actor… is there ANYTHING he can’t do? Not only has he many many credits to his name, he has also discovered SO many talents, such as Jack Nicholson, Martin Scorsese… honestly, that’s another ridiculous list one could write that would fill a book.

Roger Corman is the physical embodiment of every horror fans dream come true.

Several years ago, Shout Factory paid tribute to Mr Corman with a cool set of DVDs under the banner ‘Roger Corman’s Cult Classics’ and so such a tribute should be made’ in actual fact, I wish someone would get off their butt and do a ‘Corman Definitive Collection’ and remaster ALL his films onto Bluray. Who wouldn’t love a collection that feature such diversity as Death Race 2000, Humanoids from the Deep, Mask of the Red Death and Little Shop of Horrors in it?

This film, Galaxy of Terror tells the crew of the space ship ‘Quest’ who travel to a planet called Morganthus to find out what happened to the missing crew of the ship ‘Remus’. When they get there, they discover the entire crew is dead, but not only that, something seems to be stalking them too… something that comes from their nightmares…

Galaxy of Terror: Ray Walston... my favourite!
The first real stand out for this film in the cast: Zalman King from Blue Sunshine, Erin Moran from Happy Days, Ray Walston from My Favourite Martian, Sid Haig from Spider Baby, and of course, the man who three years later would become Freddy Krueger, Robert England.

It’s proper old school cinema as well, with heaps of stop motion, matte paintings, practical gore… even the post-filming effects look ever so slightly better than 70s television! Hilariously though, the sound effects are straight out of some Effect bank somewhere, probably the same on Hanna Barbera or Filmation used for their Saturday cartoon set. I almost expected, at times, for a Batman ’66 ‘BAM’ or ‘THWACK’.

Galaxy of Terror: Erin Moran… they weren’t ALL happy days!

It’s not the greatest story in the world, and you can see both its influences from Alien, that were then passed onto Aliens (possibly due to James Cameron’s involvement) but it is a fine way to spend 80 odd minutes, and any film with a giant maggot rape surely is a must watch!!

Score: ***1/2

Galaxy of Terror DVD menu screen

Format: This review was performed of the Shout Factory, region 1/ NTSC DVD which runs for about 81 minutes. The image is a decent anamorphic widescreen with a matching Dolby Digital 2.0 audio.

Score: ***1/2

Extras: Heap of extras in this disc!

Tales from the Lumber Yard: The Making Galaxy of Terror is a six-part documentary exploring Roger Corman, New World Pictures and the making of this film. It’s pretty thorough and has some great interviews with cast and crew, some of whom have some interesting anecdotes about James Cameron.

There is a huge collection of stills galleries, which I normally hate, but a lot of the pictures are posters and promo material, background matte painting plates and storyboard stuff, so I’ll let it slide.

The script is also available as a PDF ( not reviewed ).

There is four trailers, for this film, Humanoids from the Deep, Piranha and Forbidden World.

There is also a commentary with Dave DeCoteu moderating discussions about the film with cast and crew members including Taaffe O’Connell, Alex Gillis and Allan Apone. It’s an entertaining commentary for sure, with heaps of memeories about the set.

Score: ****1/2

WISIA: It’s Corman scifi, which means a bit of gore, a bit of nudity and a lot of fun: of course it’s a rewatcher!

Galaxy of Terror: what a nightmare!

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