Rest In Peace Rich Buckler

Comics artist Rich Buckler has tragically left us aged 68.

wonder woman

Buckler is probably best known for his work on the Fantastic Four as one of the artists who replaced Jack Kirby after he left the title, and is also known for work on Jungle Action starring Black Panther, and creating Marvel anti-hero Deathlok.

My first encounter with Buckler was with Daredevil #101, which was one of the first comics I ever grabbed as a youngster, and my love of Black Widow and Daredevil have their origins in the title around this time.


I still can’t look at a redhead in skintight black leather without thinking of these comics.

Bucker also wrote two books, How to Become A Comic Book Artist and How To Draw Superheroes, and more recently is known for his surrealistic art.


Rest in Peace, Mr Buckler. Thanks for all the amazing comics.

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