Nerds of Oz: 26th May 2017

Week Ending 26th May 2017
New week, cool stuff!


From DC I grabbed the latest Harley Quinn, a comic I’m about to drop because, well basically, it’s terrible: uneven art, dumb stories. She so good in Suicide Squad and this comic just sucks, but the alternate Frank Cho covers are keeping me in.

Marvel are doing some ok stuff at the moment though. Seeing as how the new X-men series’ have been so good, this week I grabbed issue 1 of the revamped Generation X and issue 4 of X-men Gold, which unfortunately stars one of my most hated X-men Gambit. Yuk. Even though I am not a fan of Captain America’s turn as a Hydra Agent, I did grab this Secret Empire comic issues 1 and 2.

I really enjoyed that first collection of Naruto, so I grabbed the second one!


Grabbed the next few issues of the Marvel Fact Files collection, and a new book from the Marvel Ultimate Graphic Novel Collection.


The next issue of the 40,000 collection is out so I grabbed it!

Also, I have been collecting these ‘art of’ movie books for a while and the opportunity to get all four of the first, even though I was only missing Iron Man 1 and 2, for 70 dollars was a steal.


Classic Bruce Timm Harley as a hula girl from Cryptozoic: must have!

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