Nerds of Oz: 3rd June 2017

Week Ending 3rd June 2017
Our Italian celebration has pushed Nerds of Oz back a day, so we’ll lose a comic Review this week., but aleast a new week means cool stuff!


Another little comic grab this week, starting with Action Comics #980 which I only grabbed due to the Harley Quinn cover, but then actually enjoyed the contents! I got Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme #8 which unfortunately has been canned, but I love. Jean Grey #2 is shaping up to be an amazing comic with a great character. Weapon X #1 is the usual of what you’d expect from a comic with Wolverine and Sabretooth in it, but the art is fine so I’ll continue with it for a while. Lastly, X-Men Blue #4, which I’m still not so sure about as a title: maybe I’m too old for teen angst.


A new Rue Morgue and a new Record Collector have made my pile this week.


Grabbed a bunch that will no doubt end up eventually being reviewed right here at this very site: Rings, Class of Nukem High, From a House on Willow Street, Night of Something Strange and xXx: The Return of Xander Cage.


Grabbed a shedload of records this week, including some soundtracks I have been longing to get: Cannibal Ferox, Little Shop of Horrors, Machete Kills, Zombie Flesh Eaters, Notturno (a RSD17 exclusive) and Halloween 2, and with pop albums I picked up Lloyd Cole and the Commotions Rattlesnakes and Mainstream, No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom, Guns n Roses Appetite for Destruction, Harry Styles’ self titled debut, Rage Against the Machine’s self titles debut, Gorrillaz’s Humanz and Tori Amos’ Under the Pink.

Video Games

EB Games are having a sale at the moment so I jumped on their cheaply cheap Rockband Rivals!

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