1. What is The To Watch Pile?

If you are a collector of any consumable product like movies, or comics, or books, you have a stash somewhere in your house that movie collectors refer to as The To Watch Pile, or the TWP. A group of friends of mine and I have formed an association where we discuss films and music and comics and more often than not ‘have you seen (insert name of film here)’ will be responded to with an enthusiastic ‘in the TWP’.

…and if you are a true collector, you’ll NEVER catch up.

As part of this league of cinematic deviants, and after discussing it for years, I decided to break out and make a blog that sees me work my way through my TWP with reviews, and occasionally show off my collection of stuff that lies in a cool and useless fashion around my house.

So who am I? My name is J.R. McNamara and I have been a reviewer of trash/ horror/ exploitation cinema for well over ten years, for two different websites. I am an avid movie watcher, comic collector, statue buyer, record hoarder and PlayStation 4 player and hope you enjoy this blog as it grows.

By the way, on each review I have a note at the bottom know as the WISIA. WISIA stands for Would I See It Again. It’s fine to say that a film is great, but as a collector we want rewatchability as well. This note at the end of each review reflects this, for example: I quite enjoyed the Disney attempt at franchising Tomorrowland, but I really can’t see myself watching it ever again.

In essence, there are films that are one-watch onlys, and this note will advise this.

Thanks for reading, I hope you continue to do so.

Please note all content is (c) J.R. McNamara

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