Fright Rags VS Jason Voorhees

Those awesome people over at Fright Rags have a new Friday the 13th T shirt available on the Friday the 13th January. It’s called Victims and Survivors and is only available for 24 hours, and it’s only 20 bucks (U.S. that is).

It’s a cool shirt and is only available for 24 hours so get on it!

Go to Fright Rags to pick it up, but be quick!!

New Halloween Shirts from Fright Rags!

Do you have your Michael Myers shirt really for Halloween this year?

No?!? Well you better click THIS LINK to check out Fright Rags new Halloween collection!! Fright Rags are being quite secretive about it, but there is going to be heaps of Halloween stuff dropped on us this year, and October the 12th has the first lot… yep, FIRST!! Why am I excited? Well Halloween socks, obviously!!

New Rob Zombie shirts from Fright Rags!

If you liked the Alice Cooper shirts that Fright Rags did a few months ago, you might just dig these Rob Zombie designs announced today!

Now you won’t have to dig through ditches or burn witches to get this lot, they will all be available for  $27 US (plus delivery). Some of these designs are also available as tank tops or baseball shirts.

All photos (c) Fright Rags.

Fright Rags – On Tour and Screaming!

Well my favourite clothing company have done it again! A new bunch of shirts that will no doubt make it into my wardrobe of doom.

The first shirt is from the New Zealand film Deathgasm, and is presented as an awesome tour shirt:

The Deathgasm shirt is available now!

Now send your mind back to 1996 when Wes Craven saved horror from becoming the new western, and all but disappearing from cinema altogether. He created another definitive horror icon in Ghostface, and… It’s about time… His iconic Edvard Munch-ish ‘Scream’ Ghostface masked killer will be available on T shirts as of 27th July.

Honestly I don’t know how I’ve survived this long without one!

As ever there ARE other designs available button see them you need to visit Fright Rags!!