R.I.P Ernie Colón: Comic artist

Was very sad this morning to find out that comic legend Ernie Colón had passed away.

Colón was born in Puerto Rico in July 1931, but lived in the US until his passing on the 8th August 2019.

Colón started as a letter for Harvey Comics working on Richie Rich before working as an artist for the same Company.

Throughout his career, he worked for Dc Comics, Marvel Comics, Warren Publishing, Eclipse, Atlas Comics and Valiant, on characters like Amethyst, Dreadstar, Damage Control, Red Sonja, Magnus Robot Fighter and many others.

Tragically, Colón passed away, aged 88 after a year of fighting cancer, but his legacy of over 60 years working in the comics field, not to mention painting, sculpting and other works, has left an indelible mark on the industry.

Rest In Peace, Mr. Colón.

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Ted V. Mikels R.I.P.

Seriously, 2016, what did we do to you?!

Low budget/ grindhouse director Ted V. Mikels has passed away on the 16th October 2016.

Probably not well known to your average cinema fan, Mikels, born in 1929 as Theodore Mikacevich, gave us such films as The Doll Squad, The Corpse Grinders and The Astro-Zombies.  Mikels worked on many aspects of his films, from director to writer to actor to cinematographer,and he started his career in filmmaking in 1963 and worked even to this year when he wrote and directed Ten Violent Women: Part Two, a sequel to his 1982 film Ten Violent Women.

Whilst his films may not necessarily been technically brilliant, they showed  a passion for the art form, which is far more impressive than any big-budget blockbuster that has just as much money spent on its advertising to make sure everyone gets their butts into cinemas.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Mikels.

Robin Hardy R.I.P.

2016 has been full of tragic celebrity deaths, but this one hits me more than the others.

Robin Hardy, writer/ director of one of the finest horror movies ever made, has died, aged 86.

When I first saw The Wicker Man, I was astounded by the sublime horror that was presented to me, very deliberate and carefully crafted. It wove a tale that gently creeps into your subconscious and challenges themes of belief and perspective.

Hardy also made The Fantasist and The Wicker Man sequel, The Wicker Tree, and was working on a third Wicker Man tale which tragically we will never get to see.

The To Watch Pile would like to send our condolences to Mr. Harry’s family, and would like to thank him for one of the finest pieces of cinema ever made.

Darwyn Cooke R.I.P.

Sadly, the TWP has to report today the death of multi Eisner Award comics writer/artist Darwyn Cooke, who has passed after a fight with an aggressive cancer, aged only 53.

Darwyn Cooke gave us the magical DC: The New Frontier which took the DC universe back to the 50s/ 60s, which his art style, a combination of Archie comics and Fleischer Superman animations, suited perfectly. The story was wonderful and was a who’s who of the DC Universe. The comic won multiple Eisner, Shuster and Harvey awards, and when re-released in the ‘Absolute Edition’ collected format, won another award for Best Graphic Album.


The series was also adapted in DC’s original animation series as Justice League: The New Frontier, which was magnificent: certainly one of the best of the series.

He was also given the task of creating essentially unwanted stories of the Watchmen which were to be prequels to the Alan Moore/ Dave Gibbons tale. I originally had no interest in this idea, but his work on theses series was spectacular.


I am not a convention guy, and don’t live in the US so I never got the chance to meet Mr. Cooke, so my appreciation can only come from his words and pictures. His stories were always an fantastic read, and when mixed with his artwork, they became almost disconcerting as the art always showed an element of fun: I always felt like his characters were having the time of their lives in every single panel, even when looking grim, I still had a feeling they were thinking, like some kind of deranged puppy ‘I’m a superhero, I’m a superhero’.


Of course, these were only two of Mr. Cooke’s works, and I can’t suggest everything he has done, but please, research his name and track done any of his work: you won’t be disappointed.

Sadly, we comics fans will never get to experience that joy again, and the TWP would like to pass on it’s condolences to Mr. Cooke’s family and work colleagues.

Please do two things today: hugs your families and make sure they know they are loved as life is far too short, and please, if you have some spare cash, make a donation to one of the many cancer research charities. Cancer is a scourge, worse than any Lex Luthor or Joker, and  the TWP would like to suggest a charity dear to our hearts, Bear Cottage:


and remember, it’s not how much you give, just that you have given.